Our angel, Tyler Davis -- an Angelman Syndrome success story 

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This website is dedicated to Tyler's Grandpa, also named Clay Davis like his Dad and big brother; and Grandpa Clay's good friend and business partner for many years, Elmer Roth. Both Clay and Elmer are deceased. Elmer was the Godfather of Tyler's Dad and the father of this site's webmaster, Maggie Holben.


(L-R) Clay Davis, Tyler's grandpa, and Elmer Roth were in business together for 31 years. They owned and operated the Squire Restaurant and Lounge in Denver's Capitol Hill area, 1951-1982. Their families enjoyed many happy times together -- Broncos games, dinners out, backyard barbeques, swimming at Lakewood Country Club.



Tyler's Grandpa Clay was the Best Man at Elmer and Helen Roth's wedding, October 23, 1949.

Grandpa Clay is deceased. He passed away in 1993. Elmer passed away in April 2004.