Our angel, Tyler Davis -- an Angelman Syndrome success story 

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My Dream of the Angels

There are many kinds of angels.
Some have robes and golden wings.
But some angels live among us
Who are known for other things.

These angels make no music,
They don’t sing or even talk,
Their dance is far from graceful,
And some angels cannot walk.

Restless hands can paint no pictures,
Play no harps, yet all the while,
Angel voices chime with laughter,
Every face glows with a smile.

These angels need our love and caring.
Those laughing hearts are not alone.
To learn, to grow, in health and comfort,
Each has an angel of their own.

I had a dream that all the angels
Danced and sang for all they’re worth.
I know they will someday in heaven,
But in my dream, they sang on Earth.